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Guns! Hit and Miss Gas Engines! Shop Equipment!

October 20, 2018 @ 11:00 am
Earlham Community Center
150 E 1st St
Earlham, IA 50072
Ruger M# 10/22 .22 LR Cal. w/ Redfield scope, Orig. Box
Remington M #700 6 mm Cal. w/ Lenpold scope
Ruger M# 77 .25-06 cal.
Ruger M# 77 7mm Mag Cal. w/ Leupold scope
Kimber M #82 .22 LR cal. w/ Leupold scope
Remington M #700 6 mm cal. w/Leupold scope,
Laminated wood stock
German bolt action single shot .22 cal.
Savage M #10 ML-II .50 cal. muzzle loader
Winchester Daisy M #1000 air rifle w/ scope
Ruger single shot NO. #1 .375 H & H Mag cal.
w/ Leupold scope
Savage M #10ML-II .50 cal. muzzle loader, Stainless bbl.,
Synethetic Cammo Stock w/ Leupold scope
Cooper M #22 6 mm cal. w/ Leupold Long Range scope
Ruger single shot No. #1 .22-250 cal.
Ruger single shot No. #1 .25-06 cal.
Kimber M #82 .22 LR cal. scope rings only
Ruger Mini-14 .223 Cal. scope rings only, w/ sling
Remington M #870 12 gauge Short Barrel w/ sights,
extra modified choke
Mossberg M# 500C 20 gauge pump, 28” barrel
Remington M #870 12 gauge w/ Leupold scope, Matte finish
Remington M #870 12 gauge Mag. Short barrel w/ sights
Remington M #1100 Auto, 12 gauge, 3” Mag, matte finish
Remington M #1100 Auto, 12 gauge, 2 3/4” Mod. choke
Winchester M #12 pump 20 gauge, full choke
Hopkins & Allen double barrel
Remington M #11 auto, 12 gauge w/ extra barrel
H & R single shot 410
Ruger M #3600 SR22 Auto pistol, .22 LR cal, new in box
Springfield XD-S .45 cal auto pistol, new in hard case
Ruger “Super Blackhawk” .44 mag revolver
S & W .44 “Special” Stainlewss Steel revolver
Ruger .22 LR auto pistol
Ruger “Super Bearcat” .22 cal. revolver, new in box
Ruger “Single Six” .22 cal. revolver w/ extra cylinder
Hi-Standard “Tournament” .22 auto pistol, new in box
Ruger “Single Six” .22 cal, 8 3/4” barrel, revolver in box
Ruger “Super Blackhawk” .44 mag revolver, new
Colt “Woodsman” .22 LR cal auto pistol w/ bone grips
Misc. Guns and Accessories!
Daisey M #95 BB gun
(2) Sig Sauer 556 NATO auto rifles
Ruger N#1 receiver (only), new
Ruger N#1 Barrel (only) .243 cal. new
Simmons Pro-Steel Gun Safe
Wood Long gun cabinet, 5 gun
Long gun hard cases
Reloading presses & multitude of supplies
Walnut gun stock rough blanks
Misc. Ammuntion
Deer & Turkey hunting accessories
Spotting scope w/ tri-pod
Target shooting accessories & supplies
Antique “Hit and Miss” Gas Engines/ Model A Parts!
Stover “Type CTI” 2 hp. engine on trucks
Hercules #349187 2.5 hp. gas engine
1913 Sandow 1 3/4 hp. gas engine
Root & Vandervoort #L41232 2 hp. gas engine
1922 Rock Island Plow Co. 2.5 hp. gas engine
Sandwich #A15440 1.5 hp. gas engine
Emerson Brantingham “Type-H” #42837 gas engine
Engine trucks & spare wheels
Model A car parts, Model A engine block
Shop Equipment!
John Deere Vintage PtO Generator
Craftsman Radial arm saw
Niagra Circle Cutter
Metal press on stand
Mallory engine hoist
Panel Saw, Engine stand
Chop saw, Craftsman table saw

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